9 Tools for your business toolbox!

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You don’t use a hammer to unscrew a light bulb, or a screw driver to open the cork from a wine bottle.

Yet many business owners have big dreams and not the tools to get them there! Goal setting should be smart and above all measurable and attainable. Have a stretch goal to keep moving forward if you reach the goal!

For example, a restaurant is turning away customers because they do not take American Express due to high merchant fees. Well, in fact that’s not exactly true, they just don’t know about our payment processing solutions!

Need to expand?

Another example of the right tools not being used is an auto repair shop business going to the bank for a loan to expand their shop so they can handle more business for customers. In this example, the owner put up collateral against the loan and had to wait 3 months for the whole process to get the loan. With out business capital solutions, you get the money in most cases in a week and no collateral necessary. We do however make sure that this is the right thing for you. That means, instead of looking at your credit score, we look at your cash flow, after all, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you will have a great ROI from the loan?

Those are a few examples, but our portfolio of solutions doesn’t end with those! In fact our suite of options has expanded to offer the following…

  • Small Business Capital and Equipment Financing
  • Employer sponsored healthcare
  • Payment Processing
  • Business Telecom Services
  • Identity Protection & Credit Card Monitoring
  • Managed Services
  • American Saver Employee Perks
  • MyTelemedicine Solutions
  • Telehealth platform for private practices through Zeal.ly

So no matter what your needs, chances are we have the right tool for the job! Check us out at our website or contact us today for more information.

Hassle of Credit Card Processing for Businesses

Have you ever thought, “I pay too much in merchant fees for my business to take AMEX, EBT, or take cash only?”

If you have, this is the time to reconsider who is handling your merchant processing. At David Allen Capital, they even pay you money ($500) if they are not able to save on your merchant fees.

DAC offers two different options when accepting cards. Their standard that most business owners are familiar with is paying a percent of each transaction to the merchant processor. Most people do not accept AMEX and EBT due to the crazy upcharge in merchant fees. DAC keeps all your merchants at 1 fee, so no need to not accept AMEX or EBT anymore! The second is cash-less payment processing. DAC’s plug and play equipment can be set to pass any merchant fees onto your customer. This encourages more cash transactions and offsets the merchant fees from the business owner so they can save more money!

Learn how we save you money!

No Equipment = No Problem!

If you do not have any equipment to process credit card payments, DAC offers a wide range of devices, some even free! From traditional POS systems to bluetooth devices, there is no reason not to at least get a quote today!

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Saver of CNY Business Solutions


Businesses of any size can benefit from this!

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Frugal Shopping: Your Guide To Happiness!

The Bottom Line

“Saving money is incredibly important. It gives you peace of mind, expands your options for decisions that have a major effect on your quality of life, and eventually gives you the option to retire. Most people who are wealthy got there through a combination of their own hard work and smart savings and investment decisions. You can become one of those people, too.” (Investopedia, 2019)

Saving money is not just something coupon clippers do. In fact, if I promised an easy way for you to save, would you do it?

In no time, for just $30 a year, you can save on your favorite brands and local shops. Get started in saving instantly with your very own American Saver membership!

Save on over 300,000 different merchant offers.
Save Up To 50% On Over 300,000 Offers
From eating out, to vacations, to everyday shopping, American Saver memberships have you covered. 
Explore More Amazing Savings

Get your american saver membership now!


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Now More Than Ever, The Nonprofits You Love Need Your Help

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt normalcy, one thing remains a constant: the nonprofit sector continues to provide critical services across a wide spectrum of causes. We’ve highlighted many organizations responding directly to the crisis. If you have not done so, I urge you to check our Coronavirus Hot Topic and help out with what you can.

COVID-19 has greatly stressed the resources of the entire nonprofit sector. The organizations you love that are not directly responding to the health emergency continue to provide important mission-based programs and services. From the arts to zoos, nonprofits are struggling with immediate cash flow concerns, along with expected longer-term projected budget shortfalls.

According to a survey we recently conducted with Reuters News, 83% of organizations who responded indicated they had suffered financially due to the pandemic and resulting economic shutdown. Over half of the respondents answered that they are experiencing increased demand in their programs, yet two-thirds of respondents indicated that they were forced to cut back on program services given the current conditions.

Most nonprofits strive to be as efficient as possible with the contributions they receive. This means that many nonprofits were understaffed and under-resourced prior to the pandemic and economic shutdown. 50% of the organizations we surveyed reported that they have seen an increased demand in programs. This is a tough predicament to be in, as nonprofits are being asked to do more with less during this very trying time.

Donors can make a huge difference by helping out the causes and nonprofits they have always supported with whatever they can give now. Even a small gift can have a huge impact on the short-term and long-term health of an organization, and it is important to support the nonprofit sector through this difficult time.  Charity Navigator encourages all donors to help with what they can, when they can. To support multiple organizations in one convenient checkout, consider using Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket. Together, we can ensure a bright future for nonprofits and the critical services they provide across dozens of causes.

Written by Kevin Doyle, Senior Program Analyst at Charity Navigator

Bonus encouragement: The folks at GivingTuesday recently announced #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving and unity that will take place on May 5, 2020 as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. Mark your calendars and be sure to rely on Charity Navigator to make sure your giving is as informed and impactful as possible.

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Fundraising with American Saver

Written by Michael Twining, Owner of American Saver of CNY


We serve any size groups, religious organizations, nonprofits, schools, clubs, associations and more!

  • Quick and Easy to get started
  • FREE to fundraise with us
  • Yearly donations through residual renewals of American Saver memberships, we keep sending you the money year after year
  • Reward your donors with discounts they will LOVE! From local to national deals, there is something in there for everyone on the network.
  • We provide the marketing materials you need to promote your fundraiser.

Contact us today to get started with your fundraising or learn more on our website.

The Home Workout Equipment You Need To Keep Up With Your Fitness Goals


A few pieces of equipment can go a long way.

Staying at home has led to all aspects of our lives to blend into one, some activities you love may be hard to replicate at home but working out isn’t one of them. All you need to do is gather a few essential pieces of equipment to create a super-versatile and efficient home gym to achieve your 2020 fitness goals. We’ve created a list to get you started.


1. Jump rope $14.99 – RDX Sports

Skipping is one of the most efficient forms of cardio exercise. 10 minutes of skipping burns as many calories as jogging for 30 mins. Not only does it get your heart rate up, but it also acts as a full-body workout, improves co-ordination, and boosts your metabolism.

2. Sensebounce + Shoes $100 – Adidas


The right pair of shoes protect your joints and improve your overall performance. This particular pair shoes prevent your feet from over-heating through well-designed air circulation and have an energized cushion that helps to keep the momentum going.

Strength Training

3. Resistance Bands $35 – Gymshark

Resistance bands are the holy grail of home workouts, they are lightweight, easy to store, and help target larger muscle areas as well as smaller stabilizing muscles. This resistance band is made with premium fabric and comes in 3 different levels of resistance which is great to target different areas and adjust to your preferred level of fitness.

4. Tone & Sculpt App

This app is an essential piece of virtual equipment because this app offers great guidelines, a plethora of brilliant home workouts, and also helps you build an overall healthier lifestyle. If you are looking for 12-week challenges or scheduling your workouts for maximum effectiveness, then this is the app for you.


5. Eco Yoga Mat – Sweaty Betty

You don’t have to be a die-hard Yogi to get good use out of a yoga mat. Everybody can use a yoga mat for overall recovery and support your stretching routine. This mat also has a double-grip and is made with environmentally sustainable materials.

6. Foam Roller $15.99 – Myprotein

Foam rolling is so important to improve your muscle strength. On your rest day, using a foam roller will help increase blood flow and loosen lean muscle which in turn helps improve balance, stabilization, flexibility, and core strength. What we love most is how relaxed and rested you feel after foam rolling, it definitely helps with the soreness too.

Let’s face it, self-isolation can be tough 😔 @talkspace can seriously help you with any anxieties or stress you’re feeling at this time💜 Find out more info here. Link in bio!

How can you use LoyalZoo?


Research shows that members of a loyalty points program spend up to 2x more per visit compared to a non member. With Loyalzoo, sign customers up by asking their email address or phone number, give them points based on purchases, then send special promotions to drive customers back in-store!


‘Prime-style’ loyalty programs ensure your business has regular recurring revenues and that your customers will always use you. Charge customers a weekly or monthly fee to offer them exclusive benefits. Let our system take care of securely storing their payment card details and charge the customers automatically, while you focus on delivering your best service!

Get started with a free 7-day trial! Visit us at https://www.saverofcny.com/digital-loyalty for a special rate and bonus!

American Saver Gifts and Opportunities!

The need for savings are fast approaching and some of you out there have not herd of this program! It’s true that some of you (myself included) may take the easy way out and buy a movie theater gift card for a loved one. The convenience of having things in an instant has sometimes removed the concept of thought and care when choosing a gift for someone.

This year, make an American Saver membership the choice instead of that gift card! Because you do not intend to buy a thoughtless gift card, one of these can save someone hundreds of dollars easily in a year. By the way, there are movie ticket discounts on here anyways!

Click on the photo below and buy the memberships today as a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa present for the company office!


Fundraising is made simple with American Saver. If you or someone you know is fundraising (everyone it seems nowadays), then reach and and learn more about American Saver as the product of choice! They give you a landing page, and they also give you $10 for every $30 donation someone gives on that landing page. The donor then gets a membership and each year that donor renews, that organization continues to get $10.

No more door to door selling, and it’s sustainable fundraising. No need to worry about a troubled economy and people spending less each year in donations! There should never be an excuse for a bad year in fundraising.

Email me at michael@saverofcny.com for more information on fundraising opportunities!

Are you a business owner looking for a product worth being an affiliate for? Do you know someone looking to make their own success as an Independent Owner Operator outside of the Central New York area or someone within Central New York looking for extra income? Let’s talk and email me at michael@saverofcny.com!

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