9 Tools for your business toolbox!

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You don’t use a hammer to unscrew a light bulb, or a screw driver to open the cork from a wine bottle.

Yet many business owners have big dreams and not the tools to get them there! Goal setting should be smart and above all measurable and attainable. Have a stretch goal to keep moving forward if you reach the goal!

For example, a restaurant is turning away customers because they do not take American Express due to high merchant fees. Well, in fact that’s not exactly true, they just don’t know about our payment processing solutions!

Need to expand?

Another example of the right tools not being used is an auto repair shop business going to the bank for a loan to expand their shop so they can handle more business for customers. In this example, the owner put up collateral against the loan and had to wait 3 months for the whole process to get the loan. With out business capital solutions, you get the money in most cases in a week and no collateral necessary. We do however make sure that this is the right thing for you. That means, instead of looking at your credit score, we look at your cash flow, after all, wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you will have a great ROI from the loan?

Those are a few examples, but our portfolio of solutions doesn’t end with those! In fact our suite of options has expanded to offer the following…

  • Small Business Capital and Equipment Financing
  • Employer sponsored healthcare
  • Payment Processing
  • Business Telecom Services
  • Identity Protection & Credit Card Monitoring
  • Managed Services
  • American Saver Employee Perks
  • MyTelemedicine Solutions
  • Telehealth platform for private practices through Zeal.ly

So no matter what your needs, chances are we have the right tool for the job! Check us out at our website or contact us today for more information.

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