Hassle of Credit Card Processing for Businesses

Have you ever thought, “I pay too much in merchant fees for my business to take AMEX, EBT, or take cash only?”

If you have, this is the time to reconsider who is handling your merchant processing. At David Allen Capital, they even pay you money ($500) if they are not able to save on your merchant fees.

DAC offers two different options when accepting cards. Their standard that most business owners are familiar with is paying a percent of each transaction to the merchant processor. Most people do not accept AMEX and EBT due to the crazy upcharge in merchant fees. DAC keeps all your merchants at 1 fee, so no need to not accept AMEX or EBT anymore! The second is cash-less payment processing. DAC’s plug and play equipment can be set to pass any merchant fees onto your customer. This encourages more cash transactions and offsets the merchant fees from the business owner so they can save more money!

Learn how we save you money!

No Equipment = No Problem!

If you do not have any equipment to process credit card payments, DAC offers a wide range of devices, some even free! From traditional POS systems to bluetooth devices, there is no reason not to at least get a quote today!

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